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Watch purologue with movie. Watch characters and the Kagetsu's world.

The bell of the Gion Temple to warn him that all is vanity and evanescence. The faded flowers of the sala trees bear witness to the truth that all who flourish are destined to decay. Pride must have its fall, for it is as unsubstantial as a dream on a spring night. (The Tale of the Heike)
ZIPANGU, at the end of the Heian Period. The aristocratic era dominated by the Fujiwara Clan has ended, the samurai warriors took power before one knew it.

The leader of the Taira Clan*, Taira-no-Kiyomori, had triumphed in two wars that divided the country in two and defeated his longtime foe the Genji Clan, thus effectively ruling ZIPANGU as the Grand Minister himself. The Taira Clan in power acted arrogantly toward the people in the same way the aristocracy had treated them as servants. The Clan enjoyed the heyday of their time as shown by a member of the Clan publicly saying “If you are not the Taira Clan, you are not human”.

* “Taira Clan” refers to both the family name (“Heishi”) or one stream of the clan (“Heike” also used). When referring to “Heishi,” it means descendants of Emperor Kanmu, who left the Imperial Family then given the family name of Taira (Hei of Heishi and Taira uses the same Chinese character). Conversely, “Heike” refers to either the descendants of Taira Masamori, a grandfather of Kiyomori, or members of the other family tree of Taira who had served the Yamato Imperial Dynasty.

On the other hand, the survivors of the Genji Clan, defeated in battle with the Taira Clan, lived on the edge of starvation cultivating fields hiding from the rest of the world amidst farmers in the backcountry. Their leader Minamoto-no-Yoshitomo was killed in the last battle and his sons Yoritomo and Yoshitsune, lead a restricted life with others, living like birds in a cage under secret surveillance as children of the sinner. The Genji Clan no longer had the power to fight back against the Taira Clan.

In contrast to the defeated the Genji Clan, the Taira Clan centered around Kiyomori, expanded their clout and were able to move into any bureaucratic position or obtain any territories they desired by establishing matrimonial ties with the Imperial Family. Even the Emperor of the day could no longer oppose the Taira Clan.

However, their heyday did not last long. The complaints of the common people against the arrogant and tyrannical the Taira Clan grew day by day and thus momentum gathered to overthrow the Clan.

ZIPANGU 1180. After receiving an official communication from Ijin of the Imperial Family, who harbored ill feelings toward the Taira Clan, Minamoto-no-Yoritomo, a leader of the Genji Clan leading a deprived life in Kamakura, at last stood up to overthrow the Taira Clan.

Yoritomo, with the help of the nether regions and a host of demons, annihilated the Taira Clan in the fight at Dan-no-ura. By sending troops, Yoritomo won the acclaim of the common people who had suffered for so long under the misrule of the Taira Clan.

However, their joy was only short lived.

The Genji Clan, including Yoritomo, started to rule ZIPANGU with malevolent force after the end of the Taira Clan. A large number of people fell prey to demons everywhere and were killed in succession. The land became desolate, the rivers dried up and the people suffered day in and day out from starvation and an incursion of demons.

People asked the Gods or Buddha for help but nothing changed. The Kamo River flowing through the capitol filled with so many bodies its flow was held back.

In the corner of the capitol, there was a nun who observed the situation with sadness and hatefulness – Kenreimonin Tokuko.

Even though most of the Taira Clan died in the battle at Dan-no-ura, Tokuko, a daughter of Taira-no-Kiyomori, was the last of the Clan and lead a secluded life as a nun.

Tokuko thought, “If this goes on, the country will be destroyed…,” and so visited Abe Gessai, a “yin-yang master of darkness,” living secretly in the suburbs of the capitol.
She was determined to resurrect Taira-no-Kagetsu, a brave admiral of the Taira Clan who died in the battle of Dan-no-ura, using a forbidden alchemy handled by Gessai. Thus, she took Gessai to Nagato-no-Kuni facing Dan-no-ura.


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