The world's most effective Kanji learning application is available on your smartphone!

Relive the legend of the Genpei war. What are you waiting for? Let’s travel through the fantastic world of Genpei!

●“7000 stimulating practice exercises to fully support your attaining levels N5 to N1 on the Japanese Language Aptitude Test.” - Even reach level N1 by using this application only. “You don’t get bored so you don’t quit!” Make sure to experience this new way of learning that has come about in the age of smartphones!


● This app implements a method of deep memorization and efficient input all while enjoying “a different world” filled with anime, music, games and videos.

●“Learn about Middle Age Japan” - Experience the scenery of Middle Age Japan as the main character marches throughout the various lands of Japan.

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To express yourself is to live.
Take in and learn your favorite culture and language.
All so you can be yourself.

  To be released October, 2014


Learning a foreign language is changing with the arrival of the global society and the fast pace of technology.
Learning a language is not just limited to studying a textbook in a classroom anymore.
The age of being able to study anytime and from anywhere in the world while arousing your curiosity and hunger for knowledge has come!



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“Simpler language learning”
“Language” is to us the most intimate tool and content there is.

We are designing learning styles and aiming for a world with no language barriers, where we can share content.

We are releasing software that is the highest level of learning styles and tools.
We are Cool Asia.

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