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JLPT challenger test campaign
Those who get good marks with the test can take CooLAfs JLPT Strategy Course for the JLPT challenger test member price (up to 50% off).

You can pay by bank transfer or by credit card. (A bank transfer is only available for those living in Japan)

About the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Strategy Course

A course with lectures based on the official problem collection of the JLPT released by the Japan Foundation and JEES, the makers of the test, and practice problems, as well as analysis of past problems since the 1990s on vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension and many mock problems in line with the trends of the test. This is the shortest course to passing the test with students making efforts to solve problems with the same sense as the actual test problems which makes one used to the test and know the trends of the problems that will come up.

STEP1 Lon in to e-school CooLA
  • To become a member and get ID and password. You can log in by them.

STEP1 Lon in to e-school CooLA
STEP1 Lon in to e-school CooLA
STEP2 Receive Prep-school-style lectures with on-line system
  • Know the various patterns of questions, such as vocabulary, kanji, grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and such that will appear
  • Master vocabulary, kanji or grammar in the correct answer and choices of all questions
  • Master synonyms of choices in questions
  • Master shapes and readings of kanji
  • Master how to read long articles and tips for answering reading comprehension
  • Master how to listen to Japanese language

STEP3 Receive Practice of Official tests Practice of JLPT and the past problems of JLPT
  • Solve JLPT official problems again; CooLA's system has them in the top of "Tests" menu.
  • Solve JLPT "Official tests Practice of JLPT" to get used to all patterns of JLPT questions and master synonyms and so on
  • Solve the past problems of JLPT(mock tests) ;By solving mock problems in large quantities, student will understand the gist and trends of actual, official problems and be able to memorize the characters/vocabulary and grammar which frequently appears.
  • Get used to reading comprehension

STEP4 Practice of kanji training
  • Master shapes, "On-reading","Kun-readhing" and combination of kanji by using CooLA's kanji training system. It has about 7,000 ploblems and supports your attaining levels of solving kanji ploblems

STEP5 Read picture books or nobels in CooLA
  • Get used to reading Japanese with reading picture books or nobels in CooLA

STEP6 Get used to listening to Japanese with CooLA's training
  • Get used to Japanese with listening test training

* Listening skills exercise "Kenichi Ohmae and Takafumi Horie argue about Japanese Technology"(N1-N3)

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STEP7 Letfs connect Japanese and Japanese learners around the world!
  • If you have questions about Japanese or Japan, you'll be able to ask CooLA's Japanese staff about them
  • This school makes it possible for learners around the world to exchange information and help enhance each other through the CooLA's Forum
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